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Kubernetes Single Sign On - A detailed guide

In this series of posts we cover how to setup a comprehensive group based single sign on system for Kubernetes including the kubectl cli, any web application with ingress, a docker registry and gitea. We'll cover most of the common SSO models so adapting what's here to other applications such as Gitlab, Kibana, Grafana etc is simple.

The full solution uses Keycloak backed by OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP is required for the Gitea component, but can be skipped for the other components, including OIDC based SSO for kubectl.

Some of the highlights this series covers are:

  1. Login to the kubectl cli using SSO credentials via the browser
  2. Replace basic auth ingress annotations with equally simple but much more secure SSO annotations
  3. Push and pull to a secure private docker registry with full ACL
  1. Contents and overview
  2. Installing OpenLDAP
  3. Installing Keycloak
  4. Linking Keycloak and OpenLDAP
  5. OIDC Kubectl Login with Keycloak
  6. Authenticate any web app using ingress annotations
  7. Gitea (requires LDAP)
  8. Simple Docker Registry
  9. Harbor Docker Registry with ACL

Finally there were a lot of excellent resources I leant on when creating this series, there's a summary of the key ones here.