Tailing log files with Capistrano 3

When deploying Rails Applications with Capistrano 2 it was common to have tasks to tail log files on production servers so that they could be viewed locally without sshing into the remote machine(s). In this post I'll cover how to do this with Capistrano 3.

Deploying Multiple Rails Applications to a Single VPS

When I announced the release of my book, deploying rails applications, one of the most common questions I got was whether it covered deploying multiple apps to a single VPS. It does and since there was so much interest, I've put together a brief tutorial and sample code on the basics.

Using Vagrant to test Chef Cookbooks

Vagrant makes it easy to manage and distribute virtual machines. Vagrant is an extremely powerful tool in itself with a particular strength of making it easy to distribute local testing environments to developers which (almost) perfectly mirror your production configuration.

Using Chef to provision a Rails and Postgres server

This is a brief overview of how to use chef to automate the provisioning of a server for a Ruby on Rails application. Sample code is provided as a starting point at https://github.com/TalkingQuickly/rails-server-template

Using the pebble watch to display stock quotes

I’ve always been intrigued by books like “Reminiscences of a stock operator” where trading is based on continually watching a market and developing a “feel” for it. Having spent a lot of time experimenting with them, i’m generally skeptical of automatic rule based trading systems but remain intrigued about entirely discretionary, immersion based systems.

Indexes with Mongoid are not created automatically

When coming from Mongoid from an Activerecord background, there are some subtle differences around uniqueness and indexes which can cause hard to debug problems.

It probably isn't a big deal

There are a multitude of burning things I really need to do now. ShopOfMe is launching a huge new feature in five weeks, inbox zero has become “inbox less than three pages” and having just spoken to the doctors surgery I’ve been going to since I was a child, they’ve advised me I can't have an appointment because I don't exist.

2012 in Review

At the start of 2012, my goal was fairly simple, remain solvent for a full year relying only on consulting income while leaving enough time to bootstrap ShopOfMe and InGuide. No-one has yet repossessed the computer I’m writing this on so it’s fair to say I got at least half way there.