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DNSimple SSL Certificates and NGinx

If you purchase a Geotrust SSL Certificate from DNSimple for your domain, there's a small amount of setup required to get the certificate in a format you can use with Nginx. This post includes an overview of the process and a simple bash script to automate it.

You'll have three certificate files:

  • Your Certificate
  • Primary Intermediate CA
  • Secondary Intermediate CA

These have to be concatinated into one file in the order:



cat my.crt secondary.crt primary.crt > ssl_cert.crt

Start with 4 files:

  • my.crt
  • secondary.crt
  • primary.crt
  • ssl_private_key.key.new

Assuming your destination files are ssl_cert.crt and ssl_private_key.key

The following bash script provides a simple interface for switching in new certs and rolling back in the case that something goes wrong. The script should be stored in the same directory as the target for the certificates. In the case of our sample configuration, this is /home/deploy/your_app_environment/shared/.


if [ $# -lt 1 ]
        echo "Usage : $0 command"
        echo "Expects: my.crt, secondary.crt, primary.crt, ssl_private_key.key.new"
        echo "Commands:"
        echo "load_new_certs"
        echo "rollback_certs"
        echo "cleanup_certs"

case "$1" in

load_new_certs)  echo "Copying New Certs"
    cat my.crt secondary.crt primary.crt > ssl_cert.crt.new

    mv ssl_cert.crt ssl_cert.crt.old
    mv ssl_cert.crt.new ssl_cert.crt

    mv ssl_private_key.key ssl_private_key.key.old
    mv ssl_private_key.key.new ssl_private_key.key

    sudo service nginx reload
rollback_certs)  echo  "Rolling Back to Old Certs"
    mv ssl_cert.crt ssl_cert.crt.new
    mv ssl_cert.crt.old ssl_cert.crt

    mv ssl_private_key.key ssl_private_key.key.new
    mv ssl_private_key.key.old ssl_private_key.key

    sudo service nginx reload
cleanup_certs)  echo  "Cleaning Up Temporary Files"
    rm ssl_cert.crt.old
    rm ssl_private_key.key.old
    rm my.crt
    rm secondary.crt
    rm primary.crt
*) echo "Command not known"

Don't forget to make the script executable with chmod +x script_name.sh.

You can then simply run:

./script_name load_new_certs

to swap in the new certificates and reload nginx. If, after testing the site, something isn't right, you can execute:

./script_name rollback_certs

To revert to the previous ones. And then repeat load_new_certs once you've resolved the issue.

Once you have the new certificates working as intended, you can use:

./script_name cleanup_certs

To remove the temporary and legacy files created.