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About me

My name's Ben Dixon, I'm a CTO and developer with a passion for building difficult things. My current toolbox is mainly Rails + React with some Elixir and React Native for good measure and Docker + Kubernetes keeping it all running behind the scenes.

I'm the co-founder and CTO of venture backed on-demand staffing platform Catapult where we're building the worlds best part time job.

If you only read one thing I've written, I would suggest this.

I'm the author of Reliably Deploying Rails Applications which covers how to deploy medium sized Rails Applications in an easy, scalable fashion and spoke at Railsconf 2014 on this topic. I spoke at Railsconf 2015 on how Docker can be tightly integrated with Rails to do far more interesting things than just deployment. Most recently I spoke at Railsconf 2017 on how to develop React Web and React Native applications which share a common codebase.

Previously I co-founded Make It With Code, a project to help none developers to learn to create useful things with code.

Before that I was the back-end lead at Active In Time where among other things we made the Speedo Fit swimming App and explored ways to make fitness more fun using technology and machine learning (we were the first people to make a swim tracking app for the Apple Watch!).

Other projects include working as the software and embedded device developer behind the Mousemet Electronic Von Frey and Dacker, an open source Docker orchestration tool written in Ruby.

I travel as much as possible and write about it here.

I'm always interested in chatting to new people whether it's about startups, tech, travel or photography. You can find me on twitter as @talkingquickly or by emailing [email protected].