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Prague - Where drinking truly is a sport

Date: 03 June 2015
Location: An AirBnB, Prague
Status: Eaten a lot of ham
Trip: Europe Summer 2015

The Czech's truly have turned drinking into an art form, or more specifically, into a sport.

Introducing "The Pub". It's a lot like a regular Pub in many respects, there is beer, food and people drink said beer.

It departs from normalcy shortly afterwards. Each table is equipped with four "pour your own" beer pumps. Before pouring, you select the name of the drinker to ensure the volume poured is attributed correctly.

Pour your own beer

This naturally requires a leader board to track total consumption. But the Czech's, who I'm growing to truly love, have taken it one step further.

Projected onto the wall is not just a table by table leader board, but a city by city one.

Drinking leaderboard

Two important lessons were learned whilst indulging in this so called sport:

It's actually very difficult to pull a pint which isn't entirely foam

  1. Two Londoners are highly unlikely to secure a place on a leader board when competing against groups of 6+ Czechs
  2. My favorite part of Prague is still by far the Old Town Square. Touristy but beautiful. It's by far the most expensive place to grab a beer but the sunsets make it worthwhile:


And if that's not enough, there's an extremely talented Polish man who waits until shortly after sunset to play with fire:

Fire show

Having reluctantly bidden farewell to Prague, I'm writing this on what I can only describe as a hybrid between a train and and a sauna. We could be in Bratslava but it's tough to be sure.

The "travel everywhere by bus" plan is largely falling by the wayside. Trains seem to cost barely more and depart far more frequently. Although I'll reserve judgment until this one arrives somewhere recognisable.

Continued 04/06

Trains are winning, now safely in Budapest. The day began with a run along the Danube followed by finding one of the friendliest co-working spaces I've ever encountered.